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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Polish Your Grace with Pakistani Footwear

 Grace with Pakistani Footwear
Traditional Pakistani footwear is no less. This summer, men and women both can carry a different fashion statement by looking equally trendy in wearing Kolhapuri chappals, Khussas and sandals.

Are you already sick of buying diamond-studded strappy leather Prada shoes and iconic Jimmy Choo’s pumps; men wearing Adidas or Nike converse? Don’t worry because traditional Pakistani footwear is no less. This summer, men and women both can carry a different fashion statement by looking equally trendy in wearing Kolhapuri chappals, Khussas and sandals. Not just that these shoes depict the rich culture of the sub-continent as India and Pakistan’s footwear style majorly overlaps; our brilliant stores offer an extensive range of to-die-for collection of this chic ethnic Pakistani footwear.

Fine quality Kolhapuri chappals, embroided, beaded and embellishments are available in every color. These chappals are especially well-known for their handwork, eye catching designs and comfortable wear. Multi-colour Kohlapuries are in fashion today if worn with churidar pajamas. Not just women can carry them off with all types of eastern clothes; men can wear them with shalwar kameez and patkaas if planning to look different on a mehndi occasion. Hence, they can be formally worn as well as on casual days.

Khussas, varying from best quality sophisticated multihued bead work, with their intricate designs and glamorous patterns, manages to capture the gracefulness of your feet if time has been spent carefully on hand-stitched Khussas. This pure and elegant Pakistani footwear is available in refined variety, with dabka, sequins, sitara and moti work. Other than that, Khussas are made in red, black and skin-color leather too. Men and women both can wear them on weddings, other formal or even on informal events.

Not to forget the trendy Pakistani sandals if going to school, casual get-together with friends or just a pool party. Sandals vary in thousands of designs from gladiator sandals to ankle length straps; from flats to beaded sandals made with absolute precision; ladies hard bottom insole and high heel sandals with their heel and upper stone’s color being matched explicitly. Sandals are the most easily available footwear available in just about any men’s or women’s shoes store.

Pakistani footwear style provides an extensive variety of shoes for men and women. Hand-made shoes are a bit expensive due to their fine and flawless workmanship but this traditional Kolhapuri and Khussas are easily affordable by all the classes. This summer, inspire everyone by being the first ones to wear this artistic and colourful Pakistani footwear and let the western world know about the rich culture prevailing in Pakistan. If foreigners wish to wear these special shoes, many first-class shops provide customized contemporary footwear style comfortable enough for satisfying an individual’s needs.

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